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Inspirational Thriller/Suspense with Romance

Americans are drowning in information with no clue that it will soon steal their nation and their liberty.

Orphaned as an adolescent then cycled through the foster-care system, AJ Scott, believes she’s so badly broken that no one would want her. When she finds an orphaned girl, Sam, hidden in some bushes along the Rogue River, in an instant, a bond is formed. AJ quickly learns that Sam’s and her guardian’s lives are in danger from a team of hired killers. But AJ commits to helping eight-year-old Sam. A competitive athlete, AJ Scott isn’t one to quit, give up, or do anything halfway, not even when she and Sam end up in a road race with killers in pursuit.
When Hunter Jones’s cousin dies, he becomes eight-year-old Samantha Wilson’s guardian and sets aside any pursuit of personal happiness. Sam becomes his lot in life, and he loves her dearly. But Hunter, a big data analyst, will soon release a research report proving that the largest Internet search engine in the world is being used by its owners to influence American political thought with the intent of controlling elections. He hints at his findings in a radio interview and the news goes viral. Within hours, a team of hired killers attacks Hunter and Sam, intending to eliminate them and steal his research findings. Hunter hides Sam and eludes the killers. But when he returns, Sam is gone. Enraged, Hunter Jones will storm the gates of Hades to get her back, and whoever took her will pay a steep price.
Set in Southern Oregon, Seattle, Washington DC, and Eastern Oregon, near Paulina Lake, Slanted is a gritty, high-action, romantic suspense adventure about commitment, sacrifice, love and faith.


Paperback: 209 pages
ISBN-10: 1732763674
ISBN-13: 978-1732763678
Price: $13.99

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Slanted (Kindle)

The Janus Journals

Inspirational Thriller/Suspense with Romance

Will probing the past, through her father’s secret journals, save her future?

For recent college graduate, Alisa (Allie) Petrenko, the Cold War never ended, and events set in motion years ago have endangered this innocent young woman. When her father is murdered, he left her with a warning, an assassin on her trail, and his secret history contained in a set of journals. As Allie tries to elude the assassin and read the journals, she learns that the loving father who raised her was not the man he appeared to be, and the man she must now trust with her life is someone Allie must never trust with her heart.
At strong safety, Grady Jamison could defend against opponents in the red zone, but he couldn’t stop the drunk driver who hit his car and killed his sister. Does Allie Petrenko’s call for help mean Grady has been given a second chance, a chance to do things right? Once again, he’s defending in the red zone. And he must not let the world-class assassin score, because the goal line marks the end of Allie Petrenko’s life.
The Janus Journals, set in Virginia and near Lake Chelan in Washington State, is high-action romantic suspense at its best. The dual timeline will take you on an epic journey through the twilight years of the Cold War that reshaped one man’s destiny while creating deadly tentacles, reaching into the present, threatening an innocent young woman.


Paperback: 376 pages
ISBN-10: 1732763658
ISBN-13: 978-1732763654
Price: $14.99


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Inspirational Thriller/Suspense with Romance

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What would you do with innovative technology that could make you the next Bill Gates but could unravel the fabric of civilized society?

“Don’t sell Virtuality. Jess can help.” His brother Paul’s dying words to Vince van Gordon, a struggling author who can’t write happy endings. He inherits controlling interest in Virtuality, a growing high-tech company with a mysterious product the US Army classified Top Secret. Paul’s last words force Vince to return home to Seattle to run Virtuality and face the girl he walked away from seven years ago. Can Vince, once again, endure being eclipsed by Paul’s larger-than-life shadow, a shadow that cost him the woman he loves?
Jessica (Jess) Jamison is a genius, a beautiful, highly introverted, young woman who can count her friends on her thumbs. Seven years ago, Vince left, shattering her heart. Now Jess has a Computer Science degree and still prays her childhood soulmate will come home. If he’s willing to reconcile their relationship, Jess can help Vince take the reins of Virtuality. But why is someone trying to kill Vince and her? And could Professor Scoggins be right—that, in the wrong hands, Virtuality’s technology could shred the fabric of civilization, and that stopping it may literally take an act of Congress?
Virtuality is a character-driven thriller with romance about dangerous technology lurking on the near horizon—a story of love and sacrifice, illustrating that there are no shadowed, worthless people in God’s economy.


Paperback: 317 pages
ISBN-10: 1732763631
ISBN-13:  978-1732763630
Price: $13.99
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H L Wegley: Colby and MeColby and Me: Growing Up in the 50’s


Released: November 23, 2009

“Colby and Me is a collection of true adventure stories drawn from the extraordinary lives of two best friends who believe that they grew up in the finest place at the greatest time ever to be kids—in southern Oregon during the 1950s and early 1960s.

By the time H.L. was six years old, he and Colby had become best buddies who shared a love of the outdoors as well as all things that exploded, burned, or shot. H.L. shares both humorous and heartfelt stories as he chronicles many of their hair-raising adventures beginning in the little country church where Colby’s shameless hound, Pal, entered one Sunday morning and walked the aisle—seemingly to receive his penance—but in reality, just wanting to sit next to his beloved master. In a time when kids were free to simply be kids, H.L. details how the boys explored mountaintop limestone caves, built a rocket that went awry, and viewed a meteorite that they were sure indicated the arrival of aliens.

The amusing tales of two rambunctious boys in Colby and Me highlight a time in history when children learned valuable life lessons simply by experiencing one amazing adventure after another.”

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H L Wegley: RedRed: A Weekly Devotional


Released: December 2013

By His stripes we are healed and by His sacrifice we are redeemed. What does it mean to be saved by the Blood of the Lamb? In this devotional written by Pelican Book Group authors, discover that, while life may seem to be painted in multiple shades of gray, there is only one hue that restores body and soul and offers eternal life. RED inspires individuals to ponder the sacrifice of Christ—that free gift which offers healing and salvation to all who believe.

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